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I have worked at the junior high level for the last 13 years+. I am also surviving two teens of my own. To say it is major work, is an understatement! You often wonder if they have lost their minds - and if they haven't - you might just lose yours.

I am a part of a social networking group for counselors, where other LPCs share thoughts and advice with the rest of the group. Just recently, someone suggested a book by Michael J. Bradley called - Yes, Your Teen is Crazy! How fitting of a title?! Although I have not had time to read the entire book, it is set up almost as the rule book of parenting a teenage child. And when you left the hospital, you were told instructions didn't come with your baby!

At Family Ties, we are fortunate to have Mrs. Amanda Vigreux on staff. She is both an LPC and a Nationally Certified Counselor. Not only does she have years of experience with teenage children, she actually likes it! Of course my words are silly, but my sentiment is very genuine. She actually loves working with children of all ages. Her specialty is 5 through high school age, but she also enjoys working with young adults in their 20's.

Her office is perfectly put together with everything from a sand box, to stress balls. She enjoys doing play therapy with the young ones. Play therapy helps the child to relax in a situation that might otherwise be unfamiliar to them. It also allows the child to more easily develop a rapport with Mrs. Amanda, so she can help them work through whatever might be troubling them at the time.

What would be some reasons a child/teen might need to come in for counseling? The biggest problem we see, is children that have parents that are going through a divorce. Parents may try to do everything possible to hide things from their children, but the children are usually aware something isn't right. Once the divorce takes place, children may need help with adjusting to the new living situation. We also see lots of children with stress from school. In today's world, children feel pressure to be perfect, and live up to standards that they often times create for themselves. For whatever reason a child/teen might be struggling, Mrs. Amanda can certainly help them find their way through things.

To schedule a session with Mrs. Amanda, please call her directly at 985-707-8878 to set up an appointment.

Older clients, couples, and families can call Kelli at 985-640-0773 to set up an appointment.

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