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Staying mentally healthy during the quarantine.

As many of you know, I am administrator at a local junior high school, during the day. On March 13th faculty and staff went to school to tie up the 3rd 9 weeks of school. Before we left, we were told we would not be back at school on Monday. There was lots of chatter, and I must admit, a little excitement that we would have a little bit of unexpected time off. At that time, I don't think any of us thought things would get so serious, so quickly. What started as possibly a few days off, turned quickly to stocking up groceries (and toilet paper), and protecting your family from the public.

For many of us, the first few days were a time to get things together, and enjoy time being home with our families. However, as time goes on, things start to take a toll on you mentally. The uncertainty of it all, seems to be the most frustrating. Do we wear the masks? Do we not wear the masks? Will it be 3 weeks? Will it be a month? Will it be even longer? What about our older generation? My 93 year old father in law is in an assisted living facility, where he has not be able to leave his room.

I think things boil down to our perspective, and our outlook on what we are going through. In some ways, it is almost as if someone is telling us to slow down - take a look around - and appreciate what we have right in front of us. Family is important. Family time is even more important. Take this time to reconnect. If you don't live with all of your loved ones - reach out! Call family members regularly, or do a Zoom video. A simple conversation can brighten someone's day. Dr. Corey Hebert has made a point to call it "physical distancing" and not "social distancing". Although we may need to physically stay apart, we can continue to be together, socially.

We made a decision to keep FTC open, because we feel people need an outlet to talk - now more than ever. We are here if you need us. I have done a few teletherapy sessions, and they are not nearly as bad as I thought they might be. If you need help, but don't want to come into the office, please contact me for a teletherapy session. Most insurance plans will cover the cost.

Stay mentally healthy. It is just as important as your physical health!


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